Reflectors are the rarest of the Human Design types making up only 1% of the population. They are the ultimate chameleons—able to be everything and anything they desire.

Reflectors are the seers of the design types able to see and perceive the world around them and reflect it back to others. The Reflector is a truthteller, showing the other types how well and healthy their environment is at any given time.

I’m not sure how right it is to stereotype ourselves, but it is true that I feel and live what is written here. As long as I can remember myself, I have been a person who understands, observes and listens to people, and I have been able to heal them just by being a reflector. I have not received any coaching training, other than breathing, but I know that I have been instrumental in healing.

According to Human Design, I am a reflector, and I am here to reflect you. Whatever the matter is, the one who gives the trouble has also given the cure, let’s solve this together.

  • In this 2 hour session, I am here to listen without judgment.
  • Online or physic.